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5 ways network visibility will impact telecommunication sector

​Meta data will influence the network design and the network management-

The buzzword is self-organizing network (SON). SON technology is expected to play a key role according to several key telecom companies.Advanced SON techniques will not only apply to physical network elements which means that configuration changes appearance depending on the situation,but will enable operators to balance load in a multi-radio-access technology environment and support traffic steering as well as dynamic spectrum allocation.

Fraud and Security – Meta data extracted from the network can make the planet safer. Meta data is used to provide documentation such that data can be understood and more readily consumed by your organization. It answers the who, what, when, where, why and how questions for users of the data.

Improve customer satisfaction-Using big data analytics to bring together various data points like historical records, quality of service, network performance, billing information, call-centers call details, etc can help telecommunication companies to identify and address any customer problems. Meta data will provide better service quality and this would lead to customer satisfaction

Network planning, troubleshooting and dimensioning – Monitoring and analysing network traffic data in real time can help telecom companies to understand how, when and where customers use networks. The companies can decrease outings, improve the average network quality and coverage area. Real-time deep packet inspection can optimize traffic routing and steer network quality of service to boost customer satisfaction. The companies will be able to proactively identify issues and offer a solution before it impacts the customer. This would also lower support costs besides improving customer experience.

1.Performance measurement which includes:

  • SLA against customers
  • SLA against other providers
  • SLA against network vendors

Meta data can provide the relevant data which allows the performance to be defined and benchmarked. Network visibility tools which provide a single performance management interface that offers a holistic view of both network and application performance would improve network uptime.

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Monday, 25 June 2018