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Cubro launches advanced ATCA Platform

Cubro announces the development of an ATCA chassis-based platform which would extend the performance of probe. The ATCA platform will enable the service providers to get a higher port density for probing and advanced traffic engineering applications. With the use of ATCA platform, the probe performance is up to 600 Gbit; the traffic engineering performance is about 1,2 TB. Typically, there is a mixture of probing blades and traffic engineering blades (GTP load balancing).  

Traffic monitoring through the probe is emerging as a viable option for the service provider. It is essential to choose a platform that extends the performance of the probe. A significant amount of unlimited data and the growing complexity of the network demands platforms which can enhance the performance of the demanding environments.

The Probe module for the ATCA platform. The performance can extend by adding probe blades. 

"We always value the needs of the customers and place a huge emphasis on R&D to fulfil the requirements of our customers. By introducing the ATCA chassis-based platform, we can offer tangible business benefits to the service providers. This new platform offers higher port density for probing and advanced traffic engineering applications. This enables Cubro customers to extend the performance of probe and get maximum return on the investment", said Christian Ferenz, CEO, Cubro Network Visibility.  

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018