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Cubro’s Hybrid Network Visibility Solution

By Christian Ferenz, CEO, Cubro Network Visibility

Cloud and virtualization will have a significant impact on the network design and this goes hand in hand with a disruptive change in the visibility market as well. The existing process of big company sales shows the first signs of transition in the industry.

This situation opens doors for new smarter and faster players like Cubro Network Visibility. We have a clear picture of the future for the next 3 - 5 years, and our mission is to be part of this exciting change.

Some questions for our industry:

  • Will it be all virtual -> no (designated hardware will still be there for a long while)
  • Will it be all Intel driven -> no (ARM is a very strong alternative)
  • Will Cubro invest in the Cloud field -> definitely yes
  • Will Cubro invest in designated hardware -> definitely yes

More bandwidth needs other ways to monitor traffic. We see multiple 100 Gbit networks on daily base today and Tbit in some cases. Probes with 30 Gbit performance will not work. We need Probes with 100 Gbit or more performance.

Our approach is ARM Multicores. We have the experience in Multicore design so it is a transition for us, not a new development. "And we are in Beta stage at the moment".

At the same time, we are working to move the Probe software in the cloud. The idea is to combine hardware and cloud approach in one offering. Signaling is handled in the cloud, user plan is handled in hardware. The combination gives the optimal solution.

Some network elements like MME and HSS or even S-GW will be hosted in the cloud and for this, we will offer a cloud-hosted Probe. But for the big pipes SGI and S1U you still need hardware Probes. Therefore, we will have a hybrid solution: Hardware Probes and Software Probes - hosted Big Data. 

Cubro's New Probe Platform
Big Data in Network Operators


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Monday, 25 June 2018