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Cubro's New Probe Platform

Cubro Network Visibility recently announced a successful test of the new Probe platform based on 108 core ARM server. The Probe is built with two Cavium Thunder X2 CPUs. The memory is up to 2T and the connection to the network is 2 x 100 Gbit Card. In combination with the EXA32100 we can support more than 100 Gbps meta data performance in one unit.

This is the next step in the Cubro Probe evaluation. The Probe IP is already designed as a multi-core software. Therefore, the port from MIPS to ARM is still complex, but the general design fits. One of the major advantages is a huge memory and the combination Probe - serve integration in one box. For applications like probing, where having a lot of memory and low latency networking is a big benefit, this design is extremely beneficial. Also, the expansion options are better than in the existing design. 

Cubro’s solution for meta data extraction
Cubro’s Hybrid Network Visibility Solution


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Monday, 25 June 2018