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Cubro’s solution for meta data extraction

Cubro offers two Probes to extract meta data out of network traffic. Cubro Mobile Probe is designed for all mobile network protocols 2G/3G/4G/5, and Cubro FlowVista is for pure IP traffic. Both the Probes are hardware-based appliances. The heart of the Probe is a Cavium multi-core CPU and our own developed real-time OS. This design provides high performance and high availability.

Both the Probes are agnostic to sources and Big Data Stack like Splunk, ELK and so on. The additional advantage of the Probe is that there is no administrative limit in terms of the amount of XDR core port speed. Cubro charges only for the appliance Hardware and Software. There are no XDR volume charges or any bandwidth charges ( it is your data).

Meta data and Big data are the key technologies to provide useful information to control networks and protect networks from fraud. These technologies also help to monetize the data from the network. Let your network earn money for you.

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Monday, 25 June 2018