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Make network visible for monitoring

Challenges with Conventional Monitoring
  • SPAN Ports contention (capture packet loss by over-subscription and CPU burden on network elements)
  • Fixed 1:1 Tool: Port Mapping proves costly and inefficient
  • Network tool speed mismatch slows deployments
  • Traffic volume exceeds Probe and Analyzer capacities
  • Many monitoring tools (security and performance) need network visibility for the same traffic
  • Correlation of data is required for multiple monitoring tools

The next layer for making network visible for monitoring

High Performance
Network Packet Broker
Network Monitoring Switch

Network Packet Broker Benefits: 

  • Centralized data for monitoring
  • Fewer monitoring tools needed, reduced waste
  • Increased analyzer/analytics efficiency with E2E visibility
  • Reduced incident response times
  • Significant monitoring & operational cost reduction
  • Maximized ROI from tool investments
  • Increased security, resilience by ensuring networks are durable against growing IT security threats

Cubro Network Visibility tools offer non-blocking design of all packet brokers, accessibility of scripting features, modular concept for the TAPs which can be adopted as per the customer need and slow generation on any unit. Cubro offers a superior alternative to managing distributed, oversubscribed monitoring tools and at the same time protects the investment already made in these tools.

5 Things that your network visibility vendor might...
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Monday, 25 June 2018