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Outlook towards tackling network challenges

Complexity is ever-increasing in many areas and computer networks are no exception. There are scalability challenges, but also different new requirements are coming up, e.g. new encapsulation protocols and a desire for more fine-grained filtering.

Various novel ideas for possible techniques for network management are floating around in research and seeing sporadic practical use. Some of them envision a system allowing fine-grained control over the traffic (which path a packet takes) which is preferably managed from a centralized location.

Such new approaches can come with their own set of challenges and when setting up such a system the persons maintaining this network, in the long run, should not be forgotten, after all they have to keep track of the network and its properties, e.g. which devices are in it, how are they connected (down to which ports), in which way for which reasons (topology), what kind of tunnelling is possibly going on (which protocols with which options), what is the workload, are there bottlenecks…?

Some solutions to tackle the incoming challenges in the computer network field could include:

  • The right tool for the right task – These things can be overwhelming, and it is obvious that making it a priority to give users (in this case first and foremost the ones in charge of maintaining networks) the right tools – hardware and software – for tackling those things. It should be rather obvious that the information reaching the user, in the end, should be indeed useful (which might also depend on the current context the person is in) because information overload can also be a real issue.
  • Dashboard – Get the right information at a glance and have access to the relevant configuration interfaces at your fingertips. The goal should be to get the right information at a glance, possibly in the form of a dashboard with some interactivity.
  • Collaborative features – Remote interaction, better communication can make network management more efficient. Collaboration can increase group participation and increase team productivity.
  • Network management system – A centralized network management software saves time and increases productivity. It helps with common reporting and analysis task.

  • At Cubro we are exploring various approaches to tackle the outlined challenges. The goal is to help our customers perform better with their specific tasks, for this we also want to look at their respective contexts they are in and how to integrate the solution there. If you might be interested in sharing your special use cases with us to develop this solution do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Stay tuned for more information. To be continued… 

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    Wednesday, 25 April 2018