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Save monitoring cost based on traffic filtering

Traffic on mobile networks is growing rapidly on a daily basis, and this is a big challenge for monitoring applications. Understanding technology costs is always a challenge for companies.

Cubro offers a solution which reduces costs of monitoring by helping to keep the amount of data under control. The idea is not to monitor all traffic on the network but to remove some traffic, which is not required, from monitoring. Most of the traffic comes from the LTE modems, and it is not essential to monitor all the traffic coming from these modems. However, removing this traffic is complicated and using an additional expensive device would add cost to the company.

Cubro's G5 units (EXA32100 and EXA48600) have an application to solve this issue. By using the unique inner IP range filtering in the EXA32100, it is possible to separate mobiles and LTE modems, with two simple rules. This function runs on hardware and has no performance limits. This implies that one unit can handle a full network. Cubro's G5 units reduce costs while delivering high performance. 

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018