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What is the difference between a Cubro Probe and a Cubro Sessionmaster?

When choosing between a Cubro Probe and a Cubro Sessionmaster you need to consider the different features and benefits of the two products. Before you decide which one fits your network requirement, take a look at the differences between the two products.

Cubro Probe

The Cubro Mobile Probe is a passive device which receives network traffic from TAPs and Network Packet Brokers and extracts metadata. Cubro Probes can analyse and process the network business and signalling in real time. The Probe correlates this decoded information and generates XDRs (extended data records) which are sent to a database system where they are stored and presented by an application typically called monitoring systems. Each Cubro Probe can be customised based on customer requirement. 

Advantages of Cubro Mobile Probe

  • Small foot print
  • Lower power design
  • Embedded Network Processor Design
  • Can be customised to customers requirement
  • XDR generation and export via UDP stream
  • Support of any SFP and SFP+ (also 10 Gbit BASE_T) and QSFP
  • 24 x 10 Gbit and 4 x 40 Gbit

Functional Description

  • Cubro delivers the new generation big data intelligent probe series products to meet the demands of mobile network operators and their rapidly developing networks.
  • The Cubro Mobile Probe is dedicated to the usage in mobile networks because of specific interfaces.
  • This Probe cannot be used for other networks, for instance in a data centre.
  • The Mobile Probe decodes the signalling traffic to L7 and correlates the protocols to provide a comprehensive output. In addition, the user plane traffic is decoded to layer 5 or 6. For example, you are able to know if a subscriber is working on Skype or Whatsapp, but you cannot see or analyse the content.
  • The output is a proprietary XDR format, and the customers need Cubro software to collect this data. However, our approach is still open, and if a customer does not want to use Cubro software for collecting the data, we can discuss a possibility which allows the customer to develop its own software.
  • The probe is based on the industry-leading MIPS multi-core architecture. The probe can analyse and process the control plane and user plane traffic of a mobile operator network in real time. It has ultra-high port density, great processing capability, ultra-low power consumption and visual interface. The Probe can improve the network quality, promote the user perception and strengthen the information security.
  • The operating system developed by Cubro for signalling decoding and network protocol analysing is based on the Network Protocol Analysis System (NPAS). The Probe can identify and analyse over a thousand traditional applications, protocols and various new ones. Besides, the Probe can correlate and analyse the signalling messages in mobile core networks and generate XDRs providing the basis for application analysis and thus helping network owners to construct the intelligent network pipeline which can be identified, localised and analysed. It has ultra-strong processing capacity and ultra-low power consumption with MIPS multi-core CPU.

Cubro Sessionmaster

The Sessionmaster series is the next evolution step in the row of the successful Cubro Network Packet Broker product line. A Network Packet Broker (NPB) is a tool that receives data from network links and duplicates, aggregates and filters that data for monitoring tools.

Advantages of EXA40 & EXA40D Series

  • High-performance appliance offering
  • Layer 7 packet handling
  • Can decode protocols like a probe
  • Keyword and regular expression search
  • Load balancing GTPv1 and GTPv2 traffic
  • Keyword filtering (IMSI filtering)
  • Keyword filtering (called party filtering on SIP)
  • General keyword filtering
  • Session-aware load balancing
  • GB, IUPS and LTE S1 filtering & load balancing

Functional Description

  • The Sessionmaster EXA40 Series is the next evolution step in the row of the successful Cubro network packet broker product line. The Sessionmaster handles packets up to layer 7 and load balances traffic based on specific applications. The possibility to do keyword and regular expression searches complete the big picture of the EXA and allow it to fit into almost every situation in monitoring systems.
  • The Sessionmaster EXA40 Series focuses on Mobile Core networks, metropolitan area networks (MAN) and Internet Data Centers (IDC) big data monitoring. The Sessionmaster understands network protocols not only by the port number. The EXA40 Series has a multicore CPU architecture and can decode protocols like a probe. This feature is vital to do keyword and regular expression search and to produce useful results.
  • The Sessionmaster does not generate XDRs out of captured traffic as the Cubro Mobile Probe does.

About Cubro Network Visibility

Cubro Network Visibility offers solutions that deliver high ROI, cutting-edge features, and exceptional reliability. Unlike other providers that burden customers with annual port and software licensing fees, we provide a single, unified visibility solution with the full feature set for no additional cost. Our customers experience the full value of network visibility providing them with the insights they need to be confident about their network architecture and performance. Our network visibility products offer reliable and scalable solutions through applications like monitoring, filtering, aggregation, and metadata extraction which result in improved network performance. Visit our website to find out more about our solutions. 

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