Taps | CWDM backhaul | Bypass Switches | Optical amplifier | Optical switches | Media converter

A Tap (optical or electrical) is the first device to provide network visibility. It is vital that this device is from best quality and highly reliable.  Cubro provides the best quality for an affordable price. Many of the Cubro layer 1 devices provide unique features     see more



Packet aggregators | Load balancing | Traffic steering | Packet filtering | Packet encapsulation | Packet de-capsulation

The network packet broker handles the traffic typically between layer 2 and 4. A packet broker must be very fast, and capable to handle massive amount of data up to multiple terra bit. Cubro products offer a wide variety of feature set and bandwidth options. From small units with a few ports until units with several 100 Gbit ports. All these units are non-blocking and can handle the traffic in line speed.  See more Applications     SEE MORE Products


Load balancing in all layers | Packet filtering in all 7 OSI layers |  Packet modification in all 7 OSI layers

Networks  bandwidth is growing exponential and monitoring is more and more a challenge. Cubro is helping to fill the gap between more performance and reducing the cost of ownership. Layer 7 filtering and traffic handling gives the ability to filter on application layer to find the communication of specific applications. Even of the communication of one customer, for security and Lawful Interception applications.  SEE MORE APPLICATIONS


Keyword search | Regular Expression search | XDR generation | Probing application | Network statistics

The Cubro Sessionmaster can filter not only on packet level it can also filter on session level. Also load balancing on session level is supported. And as very unique feature the same platform can also provide counter and meta information in the format of an XDR (extended call record).

Sessionmaster EXA

The Sessionmaster EXA Series, is the next evolution step in the row of the successful Cubro’s Packet Broker product line. Layer 7 packet handling is a standard in this product range.
Intelligent Layer 7 load balancing is a challenge but supported. Keyword and regular expression search is also a standard feature in this product line but the big differentiator to any other product on the markets is.

The EXA understands network protocols, not only by the port number. The EXA can decode protocols similar to a probe. This feature is vital to do keyword and regular expression search, and to produce useful results. It make no sense to search for a regular expression in the full packet, you only want to search in the relevant fields to get a correct search output.

The Sessionmaster EXA Series products focus on the mobile core network, metropolitan area network (MAN), and Internet data center (IDC) big data monitoring. The Sessionmaster EXA Series helps our customer deploy their network application flexibly and quickly by aggregating, filtering, load-balancing and replicating the target traffic;deduplication, time-stamping, load-balancing the PSC/EPC signalling-plane and user-plane traffic, and distributing specified traffic to multiple monitoring tools effectively.


Ultra-high port density and ultra-low power.

The Sessionmaster EXA series products can provide up to 56 10GbE SFP+ ports in 1 U and support device cascading by 2 40GbE ports. However, the typical power is 145W. In
conclusion, the Sessionmaster EXA can increase the access capacity and decrease the operation cost, providing the perfect solution for the next-generation network monitoring and traffic analysis.

Multi-dimensional traffic classification capability

With the high-performance N-tuple classification algorithm, the Sessionmaster EXA series products support many traffic matching rules
including the input port and vlan id match, IPv4/IPv6 5-tuple (supporting mask and range) match, bit-pattern filtering using user-defined attributes match, etc.

Additionally, the Sessionmaster EXA supports millions of extensible ACL rules. In this way, the flexible and robust traffic classification capability helps distribute the target traffic to the monitoring tools more efficiently.

Intelligent load balancing capability in the mobile core network

The Sessionmaster EXA can decode, track and identify the signaling protocols of various interfaces in the mobile core network. In this way, the Sessionmaster EXA can not only extract and restore the specified signaling but also guarantee the traffic integrity of the same session or user during the load balance process.

Cubro LTE EXA de encapsulate



Packet Slicing

Packet slizing

Packet slicing means to cut of the payload of an Ethernet packet for monitoring purpose, the reason could be save bandwidth and capture space on the disc. The other reason is security to protect customer payload
to me monitored if not necessary. Typically packet slicing is an expensive add-on in NPB and has typical a reduced bandwidth because it is realized with NPU Processors.

Not in Cubro G4 Units it is included free of charge, up to multiple 100 Gbit.  read more

Inline bypass solution

Cubro bypass logo

Bypass Switches provide fail-safe inline tool protection for your security and monitoring devices.

The last software upgrade gives every Cubro Packetmaster the ability to work as a bypass switch with heartbeat functionality. The Cubro Bypass solution supports data rates from 1 to 100 Gbit.

Cubro bypass solution

Symmetric load balancing

balancing balls smallSymmetric load balancing, or session aware load balancing, is supported on all Cubro G4 Packetmasters (EX32 … EX 20400) at no extra charge. In addition, 10 LB groups with 16 ports are also supported.

Symmetric load balancing is a mechanism that interchanges the source and destination addresses to ensure that bidirectional traffic specific to a particular source and destination address pair flows out of the same member of a trunk group.

Symmetric load balancing

Layer 7 Filters

osilayers 7All EX Packetmaster can be used with thousands of filters, with ZERO performance loss. Almost all of the fields in the IPv4 and IPv6 layer 4 header can be used as a filter match. However, sometimes filtering is needed above layer 4. Filtering up to layer 7 is now possible with the new Cubro Session Master EXA series. The Session Masters units utilize on board Network Processors, which are are highly optimized CPU's that allow the Session Master to easily handle high bandwidth network traffic with no lost or dropped packets.  Layer 7 Filter

Customer Satisfaction

 You can count on us to provide top quality products, and to be a reliable and committed partner. We are in tune with the market and are flexible with the design and functionality of our products. Our relationship with our customers is very important to us, and we are committed to offering the best possible experience. With Cubro, complete satisfaction is always guaranteed.

cubro Consulting

Taps and Network Packet Brokers have come a long way, and as a result network designers are now able to implement complete solutions for aggregation, filtering, shaping, load balancing and much more. In order to satisfy different monitoring requirements and provide  different monitoring systems with the specific traffic needed, a network tapping system is often a desired part of the plan. However, extensive networking knowledge of the OSI-model from Layer 1 to Layer 7 is needed to properly plan and deploy such systems. Strategic and anticipatory planning minimizes TCO and guarantees a flawless and secure network environment. Cubro is proud to offer pre and post sale support on planning and reviewing new and existing Tapping and Monitoring Systems.

Cubro support

At Cubro, we understand that continuous communication with our customers is the key to success for long lasting business relationships. Cubro provides flexibility and passion that only privately owned companies are able to offer. We tackle issues quickly and reliably, proving that customer focus is more than a phrase to us. Count on Cubro to get your system running. We understand that a TAP system is not an isolated device; it is a mediator between network devices and monitoring systems. With our experience in monitoring systems we are able to help to troubleshoot complete solutions.


Since the late 80’th the total cost of ownership is a well known buzzword, in many presentations around the world. But Cubro offers really TCO reduction. We offer 2 years’ hardware warranty included, the lowest support cost, no additional port license cost, no additional software license cost, many unique features. Total cost of ownerships comes along with good planning, good free of charge feature set, and customisation. 


We listen to our customers! One of many advantage choosing Cubro is we are flexible with the design and functionality of our products. Our modular hardware and software concepts help us to easily and quickly design custom solutions for our customer's needs.

But customization is also related to a most flexible product design, and good support. Today products are very complex and often offer features and functions which are not known to the customer. A good support leverage the value of the tool, instead on buying additional equipment!