Sessionmaster EXA24160


The EXA24160 is an advanced packet appliance for any layer 7 traffic routing and manipulation application. The unit is based on an embedded multicore design with 96 cpu cores and up to 128 Gb RAM, for maximum performance in a small power footprint.

1. Mac in Mac de encapsulation
2. Keyword search
3. Nflow Probe
4. Mobile Probe
5. Regex SSH proxy and much more

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Application: Detection

The advance Regex application gives the Sessionmaster the ability to filter on applications. This kind of filtering is based on revers engineered protocol decoding. Currently, Cubro supports up to 1000 different protocols. We offer also our regex compiler to give the customer the ability to make his own decoding based on a special need.

The feature could be used inline or in TAP mode.

!Note: The power footprint is important on 24/7 running devices