Sessionmaster EXA48600

Another version of the product for layer 4 available as Packetmaster EX48600

The EXA48600 features several advanced technologies. It is an advanced system which can handle billions of packets up to OSI layer 7. The product is based on advanced chip design combined with a high performance multi core host controller. Additionally, the OS (operating system) is a fully innovative design running on this multicore host controller. These features make the EXA48600 capable of handling all types of tunnels from GRE, VXLAN to MAC in MAC, and this with a huge performance up to 2,8 TBit/sec. There is no backplane oversubscription issue.

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This application shows the EXA48600 in combination of EXA24160, the challenge was to do application filtering in a GTP tunnel. The EXA48600 removes the GTP tunnel and load balances the traffic, session aware to the two EXA24160 to do application detection. The traffic is tagged and sent back to EX48600. The EX48600 sendsthe traffic to the relevant tools.

!Note: The power footprint is important on 24/7 running devices