Packetmaster EX32/32(+)

The Packetmaster EX32/32(+) is a high performance network packet broker that aggregates, filters, load balances and generally steers the traffic based on 64000 possible rules. The Cubro Packetmaster EX32/32(+) is a reliable network packet broker which is designed for high speed and lossless packet handling. Instead of adding new monitoring tools which lead to higher costs, hours of configuration time and additional management complexities; the companies use network packet brokers which enable the migration to higher network speeds and increase the effectiveness of security and monitoring tools that are already in place.

The EX32/32+ sends network traffic to network monitoring, security and management tools. The EX32/32(+) allows you to filter and load-balance traffic from a 10 or 40 Gbps link to multiple 1 Gbps monitoring tools or aggregate multiple 1 Gbps links to 10 or 40 Gbps monitoring tools. The EX32/32(+) supports traffic modification and makes it possible to change, remove and add VLAN, MPLS, VXLAN, NVGRE, MLA, and GENEVE.

The EX32/32+ gathers and aggregates network traffic from switch SPAN ports or network TAPs and then taps that traffic to enable the more efficient use of security and performance tools – in-line and/or passive. The network packet broker makes existing security and performance tools work better, enabling users to get more out of their investments and lengthens the life of these tools.


Front view of Cubro Network Packet Broker EX32/32+

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Success Story: Improved ROI on security tools

Improved ROI on security tools with Cubro Network Packet Broker EX32/32+

Challenge: European bank customer needed to re-use their 1G IDS appliance after their network infrastructure was upgraded to 10G.

Solution: Cubro provided the Packetmaster EX32, which filtered network traffic before performing session aware load balancing for the targeted traffic into 4 output ports. This functionality of EX32 ensures the efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness of each of the monitoring tools.

The growing complexity of enterprise networks has created a need for more effective solutions to the issues related to specific blind spots. Companies look for cost-efficient solutions that cater to their specific needs - high port density, agility, security, scalability and network visibility.

!Note: The power footprint is important for devices that run 24/7