Packetmaster EX32/32(+)

The Packetmaster EX32/32(+) is a high performance network packet broker that aggregates, filters, load balances and generally steers the traffic based on 64000 possible rules. The Cubro Packetmaster EX32/32(+) is a reliable network packet broker which is designed for high speed and lossless packet handling.

Network traffic can be sent to network monitoring, security and management tools. The EX32/32(+) allows you to filter and load-balance traffic from a 10 or 40-Gbps link to multiple 1-Gbps monitoring tools or aggregate multiple 1 Gbps links to 10 or 40-Gbps monitoring tools. The EX32/32(+) also supports traffic modification as well as changing, removing and adding VLAN, MPLS, VXLAN, NVGRE, MLA, GENEVE.

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Success Story: Improved ROI on security tools

Challenge: European bank customer needed to re-use their 1G IDS appliance after their network infrastructure was upgraded to 10G.

Solution: Cubro provided Packetmaster EX32 which filtered the network traffic before performing session aware load balancing for the targeted traffic into 4 output ports. This functionality of EX32 ensures the efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness of each of the monitoring tools.

!Note: The power footprint is important on 24/7 running devices