Packetmaster EX48400

This unit is a very universal unit because it supports all possible interfaces from copper Gbit to fiber 100 Gbit in a one U design. All ports are open and the user does not have to pay any additional fees to use all the ports. All ports offer bidirectional function which means addition to the existing ports and more flexibility for the same price. The unit comes with several bandwidth features without extra cost, for instance, it is capable of packet slicing at in line rate besides performing the basic functions of a network packet broker.

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Challenge: A single network packet broker with high speed and high performance

A government organisation required a network packet broker which could filter protocols and feed them to its monitoring system. The challenge was finding the product which could process at high speed, offer more interfaces and perform at highest level.

Solution: Cubro Packetmaster EX48400 met the demand of the customer. The product offered 100 Gbit in 1 U design. The EX48400 improved the efficiency of the monitoring tool by filtering traffic and sending only the relevant traffic for analysis. The Packetmaster is capable of aggregating traffic to a single tool and load balancing at high network speed.

!Note: The power footprint is important on 24/7 running devices