Packetmaster EX6

The EX6 is a flexible design for applications with mixed Copper and Fiber interfaces with 1 Gbit bandwidth. The EX6 allows you to filter and load-balance traffic from 10 Gbps link to multiple 1-Gbps monitoring tools or aggregate multiple 1-Gbps links to 10 Gbps monitoring tools. The EX6 also supports traffic modification as well as changing, removing and adding VLANs.

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Challenge: Cost effective solution for operational flexibility

A leading telecom operator wanted a network packet broker which provided them the flexibility of both copper and optical interfaces.

Cubro Solution:

The Packetmaster EX6 allows the user to use both - copper and optical links. The product has the best price performance ratio. The 48 ports of this device are configured by SFP. As output the units comes with 4 x 10 Gbit interface, but this interface can be used also as input if 2 links are enough. By investing in EX6, the telecom operator was able to use one network packet broker for all solutions. The product optimised the performance of monitoring tool.

!Note: The power footprint is important on 24/7 running devices